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Our Fathers’ War combines five separate love stories, of three brave young Germans, a young English noble-woman, a French resistance fighter, and four young Canadians whose lives are forever changed by the gigantic events that began with the Second World War on September 1, 1939. Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor, Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, Josef Stalin, Soviet dictator, and Franklin Roosevelt, U.S President, are all major characters in this vivid novel which like a great wine, unites several strains in one enthralling whole.

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This Talonbooks edition of Crimes and Mercies contains new information and some minor corrections. During the allied occupation of Germany after 1945, millions of people died by a policy of starvation imposed by the occupying powers, the USA, the USSR, Britain and France. At the same time, Canada and the USA led by Mackenzie King and Herbert Hoover, began a food-aid program that fed hundreds of millions of people around the world, eventually including the Germans themselves. This strange story has never been told before.

How I got inducted into U.S. Homeland Security



The world-wide best-seller book Other Losses has become a one-hour documentary film which you can buy right now right here in a brand-new DVD suitable for North American TVs and computers.

"Serious and interesting..." - Richard Overy, Best-selling historian published by Oxford University Press

This is the most accurate film ever about the allied vengeance against Germany after world war two.


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